Although Archery District was the first Archery Tag facility opened in the GTA, there are now more options to choose from when deciding on which Archery Tag facility to book at, therefore the power is in your hands to choose the facility that you think best fits your needs.

Things to consider before booking your next event:


  • How easily accessible is the facility?
    • Some of the facilities are hidden deep in industrial areas’ nooks and crannies.
    • Battle Archery is located just north of Torbram Road and Steele’s Road – a busy intersection.
  • How many parking spots are there?
    • Parking spots can be factors to the enjoyment of your trip. I’ve never enjoyed a trip where I had to stress over finding a parking spot, sometimes having to park 10 minutes away and walking over.
    • Battle Archery has ample parking space that will never be an issue.
  • What is the distance needed to be traveled?
    • The factor that affects us all, time is money. Travelling, you want the most time efficient drive planned. Distance is gas and gas is cash!
    • Accessibility is important. The 14 Torbram bus stops right in front of Battle Archery!
    • Battle Archery is located in Brampton, but it borders with both Mississauga and Toronto therefore it is truly accessible.


  • Bigger is better
    • Over 11,000 Square foot facility, archery tag, real archery range, practice area, and a hangout zone where you can hangout pre or post game.
    • A facility that can actually host a corporate event comfortably.
    • An actual lounge area with picnic tables, board games, Foosball table and a smart TV streaming the latest twitch channels!
    • A large practice area allowing 4 people to practice at once, prior to entering the arena.
    • The only facility with a party room that can fit more than 10 people.
    • Party room with a beautiful massive cedar table that fits up to 24 people for large parties or corporate events!
    • Compare videos of all the different archery tag locations (Archery District, Archery Terminal etc.) and you will see that their arena is cramped and their lounge area is either missing or tiny as well.
  • Real Archery
    • Battle Archery differentiates itself from Archery District and other archery tag competitors by providing an actual archery range where you can try your hand at real archery. Real bows definitely feel way different than the lower draw strength bows used in archery tag. Feel the pull of a real 40 pounder which has the power to hunt bears. Feel the pressure as you pull the arrow back and hear the twang of the bowstring as you release the arrow. The thud of the arrow hitting the target is very rewarding. If you’ve never shot a real arrow before, treat this as your introduction into one of the funnest hobby sports of all time!

The Staff

  • Experienced
    • The thing that Battle Archery prides itself on compared to other archery tag facilities is – the staff are all archers with prior experience. The love of archery as a sport and lifestyle is transmitted into the facility as a whole and in turn provides the best introduction to archery and archery tag possible. Let us provide you with quality service you deserve!
  • Friendly
    • The staff will greet you with a smile and answer all your questions – which can be the difference between a good and a great experience!


Overall, Battle Archery is the best choice for planning your next event. From party rooms for larger groups, to huge discounts for corporate and team building events as well as birthday parties. You can’t go wrong, since Battle Archery is so much more than just an Archery Tag experience!

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