When you enter the arena, you know it’s all up to you and your bow, archery tag is a game you will never forget. You need to decide the amount of power you will use to draw the bowstring, and you decide when to release the arrow. Getting a resounding hit is extremely satisfying, knowing that if these were real arrows you would have scored a clean hit. The goal of the Arena is to be the last one or the last team standing. The tide of battle can shift at any time and there’s no telling who will win, since all game modes are different, some requiring accuracy, some speed and others timing! Come learn a new skill and kick some butt!

Each game session is about 75 minutes long which includes 25 minutes of briefing & training, and 50 minutes of actual game play. A maximum of 24 participants would be on the field at once, and all participants will be divided into two teams. Inside the TAG Arena, the two teams battle between various uniquely-designed and challenging TAG games to gain points. The objective is to collect as many points as possible by winning each of the games. At the end of the 50 minute game time, a winning team will be declared by the referee. Teams may be changed to accommodate team balance.

Join us and experience unique new game modes and an adrenaline pumping experience.


THE TEAM:                Teams will usually involve separating the group into two. Teams may be re-arranged to allow for more balanced games.

THE FIELD:                The field is unlike any other Archery Tag facility. Here you have the center marked as the safe zone, 3 areas on each side of the field as the strike zones. Strike zones must have someone shooting from them to count as a hit when trying to sink an arrow into one of the canisters.

THE EQUIPMENT:    There are canisters on the field where you need to sink your arrow in to win the game, however, aiming for the canisters will expose you and put you at a risk of getting hit. Time it right! Everyone is required to wear a face mask when the game is in progress.

THE GAME:              Most games will start with players rushing to the middle of the field to grab their supplies (arrows and bows). Some games will only equip half the players.


  1. Inside the Safety Zone, participants are not allowed to shoot nor will a hit be counted. Participants cannot cross the Safety Zone to the opponent’s side.
  2. When a participant is hit by an arrow from the opposing side, he/she is tagged out. Participant is to proceed and stay at opponent’s wall area for revival. Regular game allows revivals every 30 seconds, however last man standing will have altered revival times.
  3. If an arrow is caught before striking the participant, the shooter is also tagged out. However a caught arrow will NOT allow a player on the person who caught the arrows team to come back in.




The first 15 minutes of the session will be focused on explaining the proper handling of the bow as well as a few warm up shots to test it out and receive pointers. Equipment will be provided, bows and arrows along with face masks. Please do not bring your own bows as that would give an unfair advantage and would violate our TOS.

Please wear comfortable clothing in which you can run dodge duck and dive! Make sure to have clean shoes (extra pair if its muddy outside).