Are you looking to have a kid’s birthday, kids party, or even a teenager or adult party in the Greater Toronto Area? Do your upcoming travel plans include a trip to the Toronto surrounding Brampton or Mississauga area? Does your child play or enjoy nerf battle sports? Are you a Game of Thrones or Fortnite fan? Perhaps a history buff of the Middle Ages? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then look no further, and read on for the top five reasons nerf battle in the GTA rules!

Reason #1 GTA is home to Battle Archery—the GTA’s most colossal Nerf Arena

Battle Archery is the GTA’s most massive Nerf Arena. We are, by far, one of the most extensive facilities in the toronoto area. Our facility boasts a whopping 12,000 square footage of battleground arena with one of the most immersive and engaging setups around. Hide and shoot your way around in Battle Archery’s indoor Nerf arena, as you take down your opponents while dodging over, under and around obstacles themed to medieval times even! Nerf gun wars are indeed an epic experience for the whole family at Battle Archery.

Reason #2 Medieval Times Themed Epic Battle Arena

Battle Archery’s epic battle arena has a Middle Ages theme, the medieval period of European history surrounding the collapse of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the Renaissance. Battle Archery’s battle arena is a fully immersive experience for the whole family. As you step inside, imagine yourself back to this time sometimes referred to by scholars as to the “Dark Ages” and take the nerf battlefield along with your family and friends, just like the Crusaders did! For an even more authentic experience, mix in Battle Archery’s signature foam medieval shields, swords, and axes. If it couldn’t sound any better than this, our epic battle arena features towers, castle walls, medieval obstacles, catapults, and more!

Reason #3 Newest Elite Series Nerf Guns

You are more than welcome to bring your supply of Nerf guns into the arena to battle. You may also come and choose amongst our armory supply, featuring the latest elite series nerf guns! Select from only the best elite series nerf guns to take your battlefield mission to the next level. These nerf guns are meant to execute a task and stand firm with increasing firing range and ammo capacities—only at Battle Archery!

Reason #4 Safe Competitive Atmosphere

Did you know a little competition is healthy for you! And oh so exciting in nerf battle sports! Boost healthy competition amongst your team players as your child, and his or her party-goers take the nerf war battleground. Feel free to have your players set goals and to reward your best players. The Battle Archery facility is a complete battle zone, that’s also a safe zone. Battle Archery has private instructors and referees on the battlegrounds the entire time during nerf wars. Part of their job is to ensure the safety of all guests, including making sure everyone is wearing their safety goggles. Upon arrival to the facility, you’ll receive a full guided of Battle Archery, with a full explanation on how to use your new armory, if you so choose, as well as time to practice!

Reason #5 Epic Experience of a Lifetime

If you have kids, particularly boys, you are undoubtedly aware of the nerf gun craze right now! Back in the day was paint gun wars or laser tag, but the boys nowadays are so enthralled by nerf guns! Give your son or daughter the epic experience of a lifetime by taking nerf gun battles out from the front yard and into a massive 12,000 square foot Medieval battleground! The battle arena at Battle Archery takes nerf wars to the next level. Our facility is sure to impress and leave a lasting impression on the party goers for any event you may be hosting. Nerf wars are also appropriate for party-goers of a diverse age range, ranging from ages 6- to 76! Game masters at Battle Archery have experience with working with all age groups and have gaming ideas and modes suited to many levels and unique styles.

So there you have it, folks, the top five reasons nerf battle in the GTA rules! If you are searching for nerf wars near me or archery tag near me and are going to be in the Greater Toronto Area, then Battle Archery is your major center for hosting your next event! Did you know we here at Battle Archery are rated the #1 best of fun things to do in the Toronto Brampton area on Trip Advisor? Nerf war battles at our arena surely is a blast for the whole family! Gather up all your friends and family and reserve a birthday party room for food and to even play video games afterward. Check out our website at Battle Archery for further information on booking your kids birthday party or hosting your next big event at our arena. It surely is going to be an epic time for all of your guests! Be sure not to miss out on the nerf battle war craze, book your next event with us, and let the nerf battle wars begin!