Are you looking for the best birthday party places in Mississauga?

If you’re looking for a fun birthday party in Mississauga, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got the top 10 birthday party places in Mississauga for you. A birthday party is more than just a regular event. It’s a party celebrating a coming of age that only happens once a year. A successful birthday party will be talked about for weeks, so it’s very important that you choose the venue properly. Choosing a bad venue will mean disappointing your friends, and most importantly, the birthday guy or gal! Two factors that are needed to make the right decision are: FUN Factor and WOW Factor.

The Fun Factor will be a defining aspect of your party. Have you ever gone to laser quest five times in a row for a party, and it’s just not fun anymore? We’ve all been there, and let’s face it – making the sixth trip will definitely be a 1 on the Fun factor scale. So choosing a place that offers a high fun factor can make or break the birthday.

The Wow Factor will probably be the most important choice in your decision. The Wow factor will be what people will be talking about for weeks to come. To give you a good example of the wow factor, let’s compare two places that you could choose to host a party. A bowling alley versus a game of war at Battle Archery. You could find the best bowling alley ever with cool music, awesome decorations – but in the end, that’ll only raise the wow factor by a few points, because bowlings been done so many times and is at this point considered a low wow factor event. However, if you decide to choose a full out war at Battle Archery you’re definitely going to have a high wow factor birthday party idea – one that’s going to be talked about a lot. Wow factor is based on a lot of things, but in this case specifically it’s based on the novelty of the event, how entertaining it is, and how engaging it can be.

With these criteria under your belt, you’re sure to make the right choice for a birthday party place in Mississauga, but to help a bit more, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 birthday party places in Mississauga to host your kids or your husbands next birthday party!

playdium mississauga birthday party

OK – this top 10 best birthday party places in Mississauga list would definitely be incomplete if we were to miss out on this staple place that has been a party place for years now – Playdium at Square One. We discussed wow factor earlier, and even though the wow factor has definitely died down here, it’s still a high fun factor. You can’t beat an old style arcade when it comes to tons of gaming options! It’s true that Playdium has been around since my great grandma, but the reason it’s done so well for so long is because it’s a great concept and super fun. Playdium has outlived tons of it’s competition and there is probably not a living soul in Mississauga that has not heard of it. There have been rumours that Playdium might be re-modeling – that would be great news because a lot of their arcade games are outdated and over-used. We’d love to check it out if Playdium got a new face lift!

Fun Factor Rating: 7/10 Wow Factor Rating: 2/10

private battle arena mississauga birthday
battle archery medieval battle party mississauga

Move over skyzone – We’ve got a new contender on the scene! Definitely one of the top 10 birthday party places in Mississauga, Battle Archery is one of the newest birthday party places in the Greater Toronto Area that have opened recently. Because of the novelty, you’ve got brand new equipment and a very high wow factor. Battle Archery offers three different activities to choose from depending on your preferences.

There’s combat archery, where you play team against team with different game modes. You’re taught how to use a bow and arrow and you get to play on a medieval arena that has sniper towers, castles and moveable objects just like in medieval times. There are a few different nerf and archery places that have opened up and copied Battle Archery, but they are usually smaller and with a lower budget – so if you’re looking for that Wow factor make sure you book with Battle Archery.

They also offer Nerf Wars with a huge selection of Nerf guns. From their photos you can see that they have a huge nerf wall with three different types of nerf selections. You’ve got the basic nerf guns which shoot the blue darts and then the Mega Nerf guns which shoot the massive red foam bullets. They also have the newest brand of Nerf guns called the Rival line. The third activity they offer is called LARP and it stands for Live action role playing. You choose a foam weapon and battle it out against the other team, they have helmets, swords, axes, maces and shields. Battle Archery is new and it keeps the birthday guests fully engaged during the whole session, so it scores high on both Fun and Wow factors!

Fun Factor Rating 10/10 Wow Factor Rating 9/10

midnight escape birthdays mississauga

Midnight Escape is the reason we wrote this article. Brought to you by Battle Archery, there is no other place that offers a full ten out of ten for both the Fun Factor Rating and the Wow Factor Rating. Although this place is definitely not for kids birthday parties, you will not go wrong for any 18+ birthday events here. Midnight Escape is the newest birthday party place in Mississauga to open. It offers a full immersion into a whole new scary world. If you’ve ever played an escape game, you’ll never want to play them again after trying Midnight Escape. The games here are 5000 Square feet each, which means 20-30 times larger than any traditional escape rooms. You literally get to explore a whole set bathed in darkness with only a lantern to guide your way. But beware of the zombie.  Yes, you heard it right. A zombie walks the arena and when you hear the music change, you’ve only got a few seconds to find one of the safe zones. There is no other birthday party place in Mississauga that can immerse you so deeply in the game, that you and your friends will be talking about it for weeks to come. The highest on the fun and wow factor scale for a reason. Make sure you call to book your spots as they fill up fast!

Fun Factor Rating: 10/10 Wow Factor Rating: 10/10

401 mini indy mississauga

The 401 Mini Indy is another staple in Mississauga. This place has been around forever! Sure, if you check out some of the reviews you’ll see some people complaining about the age of the equipment, and old karts, but the 401 Mini Indy is still super fun. They have birthday parties that you need to call in to check availability for, and they’ll cater the food. Catered food can get really expensive (there needs to be a markup) so most of the times you’ll want to do it yourself to save your wallet! The 401 Mini Indy advertises that they have the fastest go karts in the Etobicoke area, which definitely adds to the fun factor. If you love racing, then the 401 mini indy is the place to choose for your next party. It is important to remember that go-karting can get rough, so make sure everyone in your party is willing to participate before booking! This event will rank high on our fun factor rating, but definitely low on the wow factor due to how old the go-karting concept is nowadays.

Fun Factor Rating: 8/10 Wow Factor Rating 2/10

laser quest mississauga birthday

The first two birthday party places we listed were definitely old school Mississauga, but what is more classic than Laser Quest. I remember going to Laser Quest when I was 10 years old and having such a blast. If you haven’t been to Laser Quest, you are definitely missing a key portion of your childhood! I’m pretty sure everyone remembers yelling out ‘MARSHAL’ before going into the glow in the dark maze as part of the training. You’d always yell it out, but there’d be a small nagging feeling at the back of your head telling you “I hope I’ll never have to be the one to use the help word”. Heavy equipment, but tons of fun. If you’re looking for a classic birthday venue in Mississauga look no further. You get to choose a nickname at the beginning of the session. Teams play against each other in a two level arena. The player with the most kills at the end of the game received a certificate. Everyone gets a score at the end of the session. Most Laser Quests still use pretty old equipment, so make sure you look for the gear that looks like it’s in the best condition. Some of the older gear may malfunction and you won’t be able to get points – always a bummer, so keep an eye out!

Fun Factor Rating: 6/10 Wow Factor Rating 4/10

putting edge mississauga birthday

Have you ever gone to the movies and then gone and played a round of glow in the dark mini golf? I have. And so have my parents. But seriously, Putting Edge has been around for a long time and although it doesn’t score high on either the fun or wow factor, it is a solid, quiet, and enjoyable pick for a down-to earth party. One of the top pics for top birthday party places in Mississauga. You’ll definitely want to do more than just the Putting Edge, because we feel like it works best when paired with a higher intensity activity. You can always wind down on an awesome game of minigolf with your friends. The putting edge is pretty dark on the inside, as it is illuminated with black lights, so make sure you wear your glasses! You face off against your friends in a few rounds of minigolf. You are provided with score cards, balls and golf clubs. Afterwards you are left alone and can take your time as you play the different holes (but don’t take too long or the group after you will catch up).

Fun Factor Rating: 3/10 Wow Factor Rating: 1/10

fairytale land birthday mississauga

High intensity and big competition isn’t what you’re into? Well then maybe you’ll want to wind down with some princess time. There are two fairy godmothers, that include dress up, make up and stories. Fairytale land caters to kids aged 2-12 years old, sorry older crowd! Their birthday packages include five different themes to choose from. The package includes choosing different grand costumes, you can choose the type of makeover you prefer, there is singing, dancing and loot bags to take back. Fairytale land also offers catering for those that wish to not worry about supplying food for their parties. We base our fun factor on engaging activities that keep everyone moving, so Fairytale Land scores low, but for the princesses this score would be much higher. The Wow factor depends on many different variables, so we’ll leave it at a five!

Fun Factor Rating 2/10 Wow Factor Rating 5/10

skyzone mississauga birthdays

SkyZone can still be considered somewhat of a novelty birthday party place. If you haven’t done it before you should definitely put this one high on your list. Most kids enjoy it, but adults can also have fun at SkyZone. Skyzone in Mississauga offers a foam pit to play in, tiny basketball nets to practice your moves on and of course, tons of trampolines. When you book an hour session of jumping, you also have to pay for socks to be able to enter the area. Once in the area, you have a wide space of approximately 20-30 trampolines. There is dodgeball there to play, but mainly you will be freestyling with your friends. There is always a staff member present to make sure you are not jumping into other players and to keep the environment as safe as possible. The foam pit is where you can practice backflips and frontflips without worrying about breaking your neck! When you finally get off the trampolines you’ll know you burned a TON of calories while having a blast! Skyzone offers party rooms to rent for 30 minutes after the session, make sure you give them a call before going in to make sure there is availability!

Fun Factor Rating: 8/10 Wow Factor Rating: 7/10

kids birthday party planet bowl mississauga

Planet Bowl offers some great bowling for your next birthday event or venue. Great for all ages. Planet Bowl can help you plan your next birthday party, just give them a heads up and they’ll help you figure out all the details. You can also cater with them, although it will cost more – but you won’t have to worry about all the eatables and fun games. Bowling is a time honored tradition of fun time with the family. If you’re looking for something relaxing for you and your guests, bowling might be the perfect option for you. You’ll need to rent out bowling shoes before you’re allowed to enter a lane. Compete against your friends and have a beer at the mini snack bar when you need a break. Planet bowl also offers flower arrangements and finger foods that you can order for your table. Planet bowl ranks average on the fun factor and not very high on the wow factor, since bowling has been around since forever. But if you’re not looking for just the right amount of excitement look no further!

Fun Factor Rating: 5/10 Wow Factor Rating: 1/10