You’ve heard the stories, watched our videos, and maybe even run into some of our combatants. Why should you decide to join us? Because of the experience you’ll have here. Bring the family. We want everyone to enjoy.

Come into our Arena

Our massive arena can hold any party of any size. You have a family get-together of over 50 people? We’ve got you covered. Is it only you and a few friends? That’s just more room for you to sneak, stretch out and have a great time. At over 20,000 sq ft, we’re positive that we can handle your party.

If you have your doubts, contact us. Come and schedule a tour. We’re always happy to convert outsiders to Battle Archery and Nerf Wars. We can do it for you, too.

We’re Ready For You

If you’re up for excitement, we’ve got it in spades! Imagine tearing around our arena, capturing the castle, or shooting your best friend with Nerf arrows! We’ve got all that and more lined up.

First, you’ll start off with a quick safety brief with our referees. They’re the law on the court, so listen closely as they tell you how to fire, reload, and stay out of trouble.

Once you’re trained and ready for a fight, you’re off to the coolest indoor athletic zone in the GTA! Our arena is home to a full-sized castle and battlements! Sneak, creep, slink, and climb your way around the arena as you dodge a hail of Nerf arrows, Nerf pellets, and Nerf darts. Your friends won’t know what hit them; and neither will you!

When you’re finished, take some time to cool off in one of our party rooms or at our arcade. There’s plenty of time to take a breather if you need a little break during your session. Just ask your referee and they’ll let you out.

Getting Here

Coming from the Greater Toronto Area, we are easily accessible by any public transportation or by personal vehicle. We strongly recommend GPS or Google Maps. Easy to find and easy to find parking at, we still recommend that you arrive prior to your reservation so we can get your training started!

If you are coming from a distant area or in town and unfamiliar with the public transportation grid, we’re happy to ford what calls we can regarding directions and other assistance. Just give us a call or shoot us an email. We’ll do what we can to help you out.

Under 7s

Little battlers are welcome on the field so long as they’ve passed their 7th birthday (6th if it’s a party reservation). Children younger than this will have to sit it out on the sidelines for now. We welcome them to enjoy our arcade or settle in for the wait with a responsible adult at least 18 years of age.

Children prior to the age of allowance cannot enter the arena and must be kept outside the dividing doors at all times.

Letting Go and Having Fun

We realize that shooting your pals may be a dream come true after a particularly robust session. That’s half of the reason why we’re here: settling rivalries at the end of a Nerf gun is a fun way to get some stress out!

But we also realize that our arena offers a special team-building opportunity that isn’t seen in this sort of environment. That’s why we specialize in corporate events and LARP events. Though we welcome anyone to visit our arena, we are willing to work with companies and role-playing groups to customize the arena as they see fit, so long as it’s feasible based on the design of our area.

For those just here to have a good time, we have plenty of openings for walk-ins and reservations as so desired. Come out, let down your hair, and have a blast here at Battle Archery.

Party Reservations

We also love to party: who doesn’t? We’re ready to have a good time on your special day, whether it’s an anniversary, a wedding, or a kid’s birthday party, we’re excited to be invited!

We welcome all party-goers to our party rooms, allowing you to decorate as you so desire before the guests arrive. Cakes, ice cream, pizzas, and so forth can be arranged for catering or brought from home. Feel free to have a ball in our party rooms! We’re there to have fun with you.

All party packages include a minimum of 90 minutes of play in our arena and, only for parties, we lower the minimum age to 6 years old. This allows little brothers, sisters, and cousins more time to have fun with their older siblings; and get in on the Nerf Wars, too!

Want to talk about your party with one of our incredible employees? Give us a call any time. We’ll get your party started!