Immersive Teambuilding Events

Teambuilding at Battle Archery is one of the funnest experiences you can choose for your next corporate event. Each of the activities fosters a great teambuilding attitude, because the players are constantly engaged with each other. Strategy and teamwork is required to take the win.

Each activity has a certain level of difficulty to it.

  • Nerf battles are the least difficult and therefore most fun for those who don’t do so well with sports.
  • Archery Tag is the medium difficulty, with a medium intensity for that perfect right in the middle feel.
  • Medieval Combat is the more sporty options, with lots of movement and intensity.
  • Midnight Murder Escape is exclusively run at Battle Archery as an adventure escape room. Ultimate teamwork.

How does an activity play out?

With a full facility rental – you get access to the party rooms right away. This is your base of operations. This is where you’ll have your food, drinks and video games. Leave your change of clothes etc. You’ll have a private instructor that helps everyone get accustomed to their choice of blasters, bows, or weapons. A private referee will then divide you into teams and you will play in a mini tournament organized and overseen by the referee. With a full facility rental you get access to all 3 activities, so you choose when and which one you want.


Most team building events will reserve the full facility. This allows full flexibility on food and drinks time, training and game-play. You reserve the full facility and you get all the customization options. Reserving the full facility starts at $750 for basic training and an hour of game play. Additional hours are $300, regardless of party size. You can choose to cater the event or have us deal with it.

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