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Unique Team-Building

Staff event ideas can become quite monotone when you’re constantly doing the same stuff. Switch it up with Battle Archery, where you get a whole adventure with each package. Choose Nerf, Archery, or LARP for your next staff party. Includes orientation, training session with an instructor, team-based game sessions with a referee, and time for food, drinks, and awards. This is great if you want to encourage team-work, problem solving, strategic thinking and fun. Experience specific game modes that revolve around teamwork and team building.

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Active Team Tournament

Department vs Department team-building activity? Want to take the competition up a notch? Then you’ll want to book the Team Tournament package. You split everyone up and provide us with the team list – or we make it all happen –  and we’ll get to work. Games are fun and offer the staff teams a chance for a breather in between matches. Hang out in our lounge, play some games or practice in the mini archery range! Perfect for groups up to 100 guests.

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Team-Building packages

You can all the equipment and choose which one you want at any time! Will you decide to strap up with the wide variety of nerf guns for an epic nerf war? How about learn the ancient art of bow and arrow in the original battle archery with our trade secret bows? Don’t forget about LARP, choose our fully immersive larp experience or just ask to throw in the medieval weapons, shields, and helmets into the mix! Modify your staff event any way you want to – from duration, to activities – we’ve got you covered!


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Nerf Wars

If you love Nerf, then hosting your next event shouldn’t be anywhere other than here at Battle Archery. With over 300 Nerf blasters and more than 20 different guns including: Rival, Mega, and N-Strike Elite – You won’t be bored!  The huge selection of Nerf @ Battle Archery is unparalleled! With tons of different game modes and an amazing arena full of towers, obstacles, castles and more, you’ll love every second of it. Mix in Battle Archery’s signature foam medieval shields, swords, and axes, and you’re all set to hit the battlefield! Our game masters have experience dealing with all age groups and have games suited to everyone’s unique style.

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Battle Archery

The O.G. activity @ Battle Archery. Grab a bow and let one of our trained instructors give you the step by step to mastering our bows. Battle Archery has different types of bows to choose from, but our starter bow is definitely a true star. You’ll be firing off arrows in no-time. After hitting all the targets, it’s time to try a little bit of sword fighting. Don’t worry, if you get hooked, you can come back for our LARP sessions. After the training, our game master takes over and guides you through some epic team games that will definitely rock your socks!

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LARP: Medieval Combat

Perfect for staff events and team-building! L.A.R.P.: Live Board-game is Battle Archery’s unique experience offering an interesting mix of medieval weapons and board-game style fun. Start off by a quick introduction to the world of L.A.R.P., learn about the different shields, helmets, and weapons. Then get ready to gear up by choosing your kit. Square off against your friends on our giant board game as you roll dice, compete in mini-games, solve scenarios and duel your way to victory. Good laughs are to be had with this awesome team building experience.



Most employers make the mistake of booking very boring and forgettable staff parties and team-building events. We won’t let you make that mistake! We have many packages that you can choose from, our corporate bookings are specially designed to go above and beyond the regular battle archery experience!

Battle Archery is a fun corporate group activity designed to make sure your group has an amazingly fun time. You can expect a slight workout, team-building exercises and an adrenaline rush that is specific to archery tag – without the pain and mess. It’ll definitely become the most talked about event at your company!


“We excitedly chose Battle Archery for a company event recently and it did not disappoint! The staff was really great, and it was a lot of fun — and way more of a workout than I’d expected. As far as team-building/corporate events go, it was fantastic, with everyone getting a chance to play (no sitting around) and to switch up teams / games / strategies — and it was a lot less intimidating (and painful) than paintball. Go now before they realize they can charge twice as much.”
Daniel Moneta
“Who would have thought my whole team would have had this much fun! Definitely an event to remember, and definitely not the last time we will be booking here.”
Edwin Arlong CEO
If you’ve never shot an arrow from a bow before, it is definitely a MUST try. We went for a Team Building event and everything ran perfectly smooth and we all agreed this was the best team outing we’ve ever done in the past 5 years I’ve been with the company. Safety precautions are in place and regulated. These are real arrows, and no, you cannot get hurt since they are all designed to be foam tipped, safe and painless.
Michael Chambers
So FUN. I took my team from work and we all had a blast. There is something deeply satisfying about shooting your co-workers with a bow and arrow. The area is large, both lounge and arena. Something we have got to start doing more regularly!
Elliot Richards

I took my Scout Troop to battle archery and they had an amazing time. I have taken them to Laser tag, rock climbing and more but they said this was the best activity they have done. Even myself and my other leaders had a blast as we all played. The team there is fantastic they were helpful in explaining everything and monitoring the games. We are definitely going back.

Steve Hartman 'Scouts Canada'



Customize Your Event

Want more or less hours? Customize your event how you want and we’ll work with you to get it done right!

Group photo will be taken during the session.  Want to host a meeting before or after your session/lunch? We can devise a perfect schedule for your event.


  • 6:30-7:30: meeting
  • 7:30-8:00: Orientation and training
  • 8:00-9:00: Game session