Nerf Wars Speedball

Nerf Speedball is Here!

Nerf Speedball at Battle Archery is a competitive game using Nerf’s newest line of guns called the rival series. If you think that the regular Nerf guns are too soft and shoot too slowly for you, then you’ll love the new Rival Series. Think of it like paintball without the pain and mess. The Rival Series guns use small yellow balls instead of the classic nerf darts, this means that the guns do not jam as much and are more accurate. These guns pack quite a punch, and you will definitely feel them as they hit you, that’s why for Nerf Speedball, we require that you wear our paintball masks for extra protection. With our regular nerf games, you only need to wear our safety glasses, which is enough as you only really need to protect your eyes when being hit with the foam darts at lower speeds. The excitement and adrenaline rush from the Nerf Rival Series guns is almost on par with paintball & airsoft, it’s like their little brother!

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We require an age check with the Rival Series, so some of our younger guests might not be able to use guns (they’re heavy) but our speedball games are perfect for your next party, corporate event, etc. Nerf Wars are a blast at Battle Archery!  At our regular price of $25/player, everything included, it’s definitely a steal! Call our front desk if you have any questions or need special accommodations, we’re happy to make sure your party or event is perfectly planned! 905.458.2285

battle archery gallery archery tag birthday party

We’re sure you’ll have a blast with Nerf Speedball, but you’ll also have the option to try out our regular Nerf Wars Nerf N-strike blasters and even our archery bows. That’s because, while you’re in the training range for your 30 minute instructor-assisted training, you can try out everything and switch your activity before you go on the main arena. But remember, you can’t play more than one option per hour of gameplay reserved. So if you want to play both Archery and Speedball, you’ll have to reserve two hours of playing time instead of just one!