a nerf gun wall with hundreds of guns showcased along with medieval weapons
photo of battle archery private nerf arena with castle towers and turf

What’s the funnest thing about planning a kids birthday party?

  1. Seeing your child’s face light up with excitement during their special day -it’s the biggest Nerf gun wall obviously.
  2. Getting to jump into the arena yourself to shoot the kids (and get shot at with foam bullets).
  3. Having your kid and his friends talk about the party for weeks after.

Why is Battle Archery the best place for a kids birthday party?

  1. Private reservation – you get your own session just for your birthday group.
  2. Private game host – you get your own host that oversees the training and games.
  3. Extended private party room time – get up to 45 minutes plus another 45 to set up.
  4. Medieval Arenas – Hollywood level medieval battlefield arenas – see the difference!
  5. The largest Nerf wall in Canada – you’ve never seen this much Nerf under one roof!
  6. The largest collection of medieval foam shields and swords! 
  7. Kids cannot stop talking about it at school for the following weeks!


Nerf birthday parties are currently all the rage – but deciding where you’ll host your next nerf wars kids birthday party might just be the most important part of planning the birthday. Even if you’re coming from Toronto or Hamilton, Battle Archery is the place to be! Nerf wars parties are on another level at Battle Archery, where the Nerfers get access to the medieval field which is unique in the GTA. Let’s not forget that Nerf parties are enjoyed by all, so parents – don’t be shy! You are all invited to come play and take photos as well. Parents who decide to play can pay at the door to grab a wristband and join in on the fun!

kids nerf wars birthday party training
nerf wars birthday party arena
kids nerf birthday party training

Why Battle Archery is the best place for a kids nerf wars birthday party

nerf wars birthday party battle field

Private reservation – you get your own session just for your birthday group.

Battle Archery birthday parties offer you a private event. You don’t get squeezed in with other groups. This is very unique for birthday parties because most of the popular places will throw walk-ins into your kids birthday parties, merge parties together and more. A Nerf wars birthday party here at Battle Archery is in a class of its own. Parents are invited to join in on the fun and take pictures, as each zone is specifically reserved for your group only. This also allows the group to play and test all the different Nerf blasters as well as our foam weapon arsenal, spears, swords and shields. If participants are old enough (9 and up), you can even add mini archery into the mix!

nerf wars birthday party private game host teaching nerf

Private Game Host – you get your own host that oversees the training and games.

The true value of a private birthday party booking at Battle Archery is in the private game host. From the moment your booking starts, you’ve got your very own personal game host. The game host specialties include: Nerf gun master, Ultimate Nerf un-jammer, and a total genius when it comes to different Nerf wars game options! The game host will start off your booking by taking everyone into our training range – this is home to the largest Nerf wall in Canada, as well as the largest medieval foam armory which includes super safe but super fun medieval swords and shields (made with kid-safe foam). First off, everyone gets equipped with Nerf dart safety glasses, and a Nerf ammo belt plus vest. Then the host helps everyone choose their blasters, and shows them how to use them. After a bit of practice and some photos, it’s time to head to the Nerf battle arena where the birthday party is unleashed unto the field. The game host will then run through age appropriate games, making sure that the fun never stops until they are tired and it’s party room time!


nerf birthday party rooms are fully loaded video games

Extended private party room time – get up to 45 minutes plus another 45 to set up.

The private party rooms at Battle Archery ROCK! You’ll get to set up all your party stuff 45 minutes before the kids finish their games. This gives you more than enough time to get all those pesky decorations, plates and cutlery ready. If you want the room fully furnished so you don’t have to worry about it – you can ask to add on birthday room decorations for only $25 and we’ll have everything ready for you (includes Nerf colored tablecloths, cutlery, plates, napkins, balloons and a birthday banner). You’ll just need to bring in the food! Each party room comes equipped with video games at no extra cost! You can even choose to bring an HDMI cable and connect your own laptop or videos.

birthday party medieval decorations immersion

Medieval Arenas – Hollywood level medieval battlefield arenas – see the difference!

Okay, so how about the arenas??? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is not some cheap Nerf wars battlefield that you’ve found – we’ve got you covered with towers, castles, hiding spots and even catapults! As if having the best selection of Nerf gun blasters, foam swords and shields wasn’t enough already right?! Gone are the days of blow up bunkers littering a field. That’s cheap and easy – you’re fighting on an actual medieval battle field here. Our massive arena can hold any party of any size. You have a family get-together of over 50 people? We’ve got you covered. Is it only you and a few friends? That’s just more room for you to sneak, stretch out and have a great time. At over 20,000 sq ft, we’re positive that we can handle your party. If you have your doubts, contact us. Come and schedule a tour. We’re always happy to convert outsiders to Battle Archery and Nerf Wars. We can do it for you, too.

nerf wars gun wall biggest in canada mississauga

The largest Nerf wall in Canada – you’ve never seen this much Nerf under one roof!

From Nerf Elite n-strike blasters, to Nerf Mega blasters. Nerf rival guns to Adventure force snipers and semi automatic dart cannons! We’ve got fortnite blasters, we’ve even got hammershots for the wild wild west lovers! Easy shooters to electrical, springers and plungers – The variety is unmatched! Not to mention you can dive into a bin full of multicolored darts, we’ve got you covered. Don’t forget we’ve also got your safety glasses and Nerf gear that you’ll suit up before the battle. We’re also happy to help you find what you’re looking for. With so many different types of Nerf War weapons, every game is a different experience. From pellet shooters to crossbows, we’re well-stocked and ready to hammer home that your team is the best (and everyone else is the rest)!


    Kids Nerf Wars Birthday Party Planning Step 1: Locate the venue

    There are multiple pop up places that are starting to offer Nerf birthday parties in many different places, so sometimes, it might become hard to find the right place amidst all the confusion. Location Location Location. The Battle Archery arena is home to the coolest medieval battlefield in the GTA. There’s castles, towers and battlements to climb – it’s the medieval zone that used to be just for archery battles, but now you can unleash with Nerf! Sneak, creep, slink, and climb in the arena as you dodge a hail of Nerf darts, Nerf pellets, and waves of zombies! If you live beyond Toronto, Mississauga or Brampton, you’ll need to do some digging to find something that comes close to this level of excitement. Really popular places that have been booking kid birthday parties for quite some time are laser tag arenas (, trampoline places (, even playdium ( – although I hear that they’re closing shop soon. 

    It’s important that the venue meets your requirements, so it’s key to inspect it prior to booking your party. Make sure you drive on over and take a peek. Make sure the party room works for you, the venue looks great inside, and anything else you may want to double check before making the commitment. Battle Archery offers two locations: one in Brampton (close to Toronto and Vaughan) and one in Mississauga near Oakville. 

    Kids Nerf Wars Birthday Party Planning Step 2: Decide on your party size

    Party size needs to be taken into consideration because it plays an important role in the direction your party is going to take. Huge party size equals Mr. Popular at school, but not so popular with Mr. Wallet – it’s a tough job making that decision, but it must be made. However, Battle Archery works with your budget for parties, and sometimes we can even try and trim some aspects of the party and maybe even accommodate your party on a less busy day to try and meet some goals if your goals include inviting the whole class over for some nerf action! Don’t forget to ask about our different deals, as our current promotion allows up to 25% off private parties when booked during selected days. 

    Let’s not forget that the birthday party size also means tons of extra people to entertain while everyone else is playing. Some party organizers will bring gifts, worrying about what to do with all the kids parents standing around waiting, but the easiest solution is to just tell them to come back to pick up their kids, less hassle for you – kid free time for them!

    Birthday party sizes at battle archery can range from 10 to 30 players, but anything larger than that and you’ll have to make a custom reservation. Our two courts play up to 30 players each, but with a custom reservation we open them up into one massive battle arena. With huge custom bookings you pay less per player, so it’s perfect for your massive class, your camps, school trips, or fundraisers.

    nerf wars birthday party cake
    nerf wars birthday party cake
    nerf wars birthday party cake

    Kids Nerf Wars Birthday Party Planning Step 3: Birthday party food decisions

    What are the best birthday party foods to choose from? That depends on many factors, but we’ve narrowed down some of the more popular options, along with some unique ideas that parents have come up with! 

    The most common foods that parties will bring include: Pizza, cake, chips and drinks. You can’t go wrong with the party food staples. When it comes to changing it up, we’ve had groups bring in awesome themed decorated cakes, cupcakes and more! Here’s a few photo examples: 

    Battle Archery specializes in servicing the most epic kids birthday parties in the Greater Toronto Area. We service customers from Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga, Oakville, and more! Come check out the best Archery and Nerf venue in Canada!

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