The Nerf Elite Stratobow is a new blaster addition to Battle Archery’s Nerf Zone arsenal! The stratobow was first released by Nerf in 2016 at the Nurember Toy fair, it is still in 2019, the newest bow blaster that Nerf has released. It was marked as an improvement to the Nerf Mega Thunderbow which was released a little bit earlier. The upgrade allows you to use n-strike elite darts, has a higher load capacity, and aims more accurately. The mechanism is the same, so it comes down to if you want slightly more powerful darts (Mega) or more ammo to shoot (N-Strike). Let’s dive a little bit deeper into our new addition and see why the Nerf Elite Stratobow is a great choice in your next Nerf Wars nerf party at Battle Archery.

nerf sponsored stratbow photo

Official description from Hasbro

Take aim with the real bow action of the high-capacity StratoBow dart-firing bow! This Nerf N-Strike bow has an integrated 15-dart clip that automatically indexes to the next dart. Fire 15 darts in a row without reloading, and send them blasting through the air up to 85 feet (26 meters). Pull the string back and release it to unleash a dart; the indexing clip will automatically ready the next dart for firing. Comes with 15 Elite darts. Deliver a message of domination with the high-capacity N-Strike StratoBow bow from Nerf!

n-strike elite nerf stratobow how to use blaster 1

The Stratobow is straight up cool. As you can see from the images above and below, it looks like a futuristic alien technology bow. Feeling like legolas while shooting Nerf? Yes please!

Why is the Nerf Elite Stratobow one of Battle Archery’s favorite Nerf Zone guns? Well, let’s talk about its accuracy, power and versatility in a well rounded Nerf Wars team.

Accuracy: 8/10

The stratobow uses an air plunger tech, so there is no air resistors. If you dont have darts in front of the plunger (middle section) then there will be dry firing. If Nerf decided to add a smart air resitor tech, the same style that they use in the TwinShock and the roughcut, then the stratobow’s main weakness – The fact that the moving ammo clip gets stuck/broken will go away.

Power: 8/10

Depending on your ability to shoot a bow, you will get varied mileage out of this. But assuming you master the Stratobow, with the right string pull and release, the plunger will send darts FLYING! Make sure to use your safety eye protection! 

Versatility: 8/10

Why are we giving it a 8/10 rating? The stratobow is cool – hands down. We love the bow concept at battle archery as it works so well with our theme, so we’re definitely a little bit biased. The plunger mechanism is good, but the ammo belt is wonky and will be the first to break. At the price point – this is a pretty expensive plunger blaster. If Nerf improved the plunger system and dropped the price, this would be a super popular nerf bow. Everyone enjoys pulling back on a bow and getting to feel like Legolas from Lord of the Rings!

n-strike elite nerf stratobow main image

[Did you know? For older users or people with larger arms and hands, the string snaps against the wrist when fired.]

Well that about sums up our new gun addition, the N-strike elite Stratobow – We hope you get a chance to try it out next time you plan a game at Battle Archery’s Nerf Zone. If you do plan to book your next nerf birthday party or event, make sure you give us a call. The Battle Archery medieval arena is the only arena that uses multiple platforms to take your games to the next level!