Midnight Murder Escape Room

midnight escape room darkness and lantern

Quest: No More Bread

You arrive at the village of Falador, under order of the High King. The baker is dead, and no one seems to know exactly what happened. There are conflicting stories from most of the suspects. We have uncovered truths and lies all around, but we cannot convict anyone until you are certain who the killer is and how the crime was performed. It is up to you, Inquisitor, to find out what truly happened here and report your findings to the High King. Good luck.

Survive the Night

Quest: The Thieve’s Dilemma

Coming Soon!

How Does it Work?

The midnight murder escape room takes place only from 9PM – Midnight. It is a 1 hour escape adventure experience. All Players receive a clipboard for note taking and mystery solving. Players take on the role of royal Inquisitor, and must solve the murder mystery in the allotted time. Clues, statements and puzzles are scattered in a medieval town setting. Bells ring for curfew, if the town guard catches you, he will put you in jail for 5 minutes.

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Admission for One

  • 1 hour Murder Mystery Quest
  • Includes clipboard, game sheet and flashlight
  • Minimum 2 Players Required

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