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kids birthday party ideas hamilton

It’s that time of year again – your kid’s birthday! While coming up with new kids birthday party ideas near Hamilton year after year can be fun, it can also be an intimidating task. For a birthday party that your kids and their friends will never forget, come to Battle Archery!


At Battle Archery near Hamilton, we offer unique kids birthday party ideas near Hamilton with several exclusive packages to choose. However, if you need something extra to make your child birthday party the best it can be, additional features can be added to each package to make sure you have everything you need to celebrate a birthday. Furthermore, with varying group sizes, there are endless opportunities for fun! The kids birthday party ideas near Hamilton we offer include Battle Archery, Nerf Wars, Live Action Role Play, and even a Battle Archery Tournament; therefore, we’ve got what you need to plan an epic birthday party for your little one. Because your kids’ safety is our #1 concern, all games are fully supervised by our trained coaches and staff to ensure safety and fun.

About Our Battle Archery Arena

With our 15,000sq facility and 10,000sq foot field, there is plenty of room for your kids birthday crew to run around and have fun. Therefore, whether your kids are 6, 10, 16 or older, at Battle Archery we have everything so you never run out of fun and unique kids birthday party ideas near Hamilton. Sit back, relax and let our game masters take your kids and their friends back in time with a wide variety of games!

At Battle Archery, our epic and team-based activities allow your kids to get their daily dose of healthy exercise, have fun and learn the following skills:

Hand-eye Coordination
Team Work & Communication
Focus & Listening Skills

Send us an email at info@staging.battlearchery.flywheelsites.com or fill out our form to for more kids birthday party ideas near Hamilton! Our passionate and dedicated team are more than happy to answer any of your questions and help you get started today.

Kids Birthday Party Ideas Near Hamilton
kids birthday party ideas hamilton


For a fun twist on an already beloved game, plan a Nerf War for your upcoming kids birthday party! With over 300 Nerf blasters and more than 20 different guns at your disposal, you won’t be bored! With a wide variety of game modes and an amazing area full of towers, obstacles, castles and more, your kids and their friends will love every second of it. Furthermore, when our game masters mix in foam medieval shields, swords and axes, you’re all set to hit the battlefield. This interactive activity is one of the most unforgettable kids birthday party ideas near Hamilton.

kids birthday party ideas hamilton


Grab a bow and let one of our trained instructors give teach you how to mastering archery! For fun and active alternative kids birthday party ideas near Hamilton, try Battle Archery at Battle Archery. As the namesake of our company, our team of passionate and dedicated archers help you learn a new skill and act our your child’s wildest fantasies! After some sword fighting and basic training, our game master takes over and guides your partygoers through some epic team games that’ll make your child’s birthday unforgettable.

kids birthday party ideas hamilton


For kids that harbour fantasies of being a superhero, warrior or any other leaping or jumping figure fighting for humanity, Battle Archery’s LARP: Live Action Role-play is the key to the most exciting and engaging kids birthday party ideas near Hamilton. With a mix of both medieval weapons and role-playing style fun, we give your party-goers a fun introduction to the world of L.A.R.P. Travel to another time and place while competing in fun mini-games, solving scenarios and dulling your way to victory. Fun times and good laughs are sure to be had when you incorporate L.A.R.P into your kids birthday party.


Can’t decide on who to invite? Got a larger group of family and friends? Don’t worry! We’ve got tons of private kids birthday party ideas near Hamilton. Therefore, feel free to invite everyone on your guest list! Since we’re all friends, our usual age requirements are lowered to include even the youngest of warriors, princes, and princesses. For Nerf War booking the players must be at least 6 years old, and for Archery players must be at least 7 years old. When you book with Battle Archery, all private parties include 30 minutes of interactive training, 60 minutes of game time, followed by 1 hour in the party room if you add it to your booking. All you need to do is bring your closest friends and family, and we supply everything else! For more information on our packages and prices, click here.

For more information or for more kids birthday party ideas near Hamilton, click here.


There’s archery, and then there’s Battle Archery. Miles above the rest, we only offer the best and most interactive games for your kids birthday party. With everything from an engaging field and area setup, sniper towers, castles, bridges, Nerf Wars, Live Action Role Play and an amazing atmosphere, make Battle Archery your first choice when running through your options for your kids next birthday party.

Give us call today for more kids birthday party ideas near Hamilton to plan a party that your kids and their friends will never forget.


kids birthday party ideas hamilton
Incredible. Everyone seemed to have a great night. I came in hesitant on how this could be better than laser tag or dodgeball and I was happily surprised. Will go back, will bring friends.
Adam Sergison
If you’re looking for a place to shoot your annoying friend in the head with an arrow, keep reading! First time I went to this place I had a really good time, in a matter of a few weeks they constructed the arena with AMAZING obstacles and brand new game plays, and they are continueing to evolve. Really CHEAP compared to other archery tags and one of the most amazing employees. They provided table tennis, fuseball, super smash brothers and other games to just chill! Can’t wait to go again.
Sagar Patel
Amazing place! Great competitive atmosphere. Our referee/instructor was very friendly and did a great job managing all of our personalities. smile emoticon He was super smiling and genuine the entire time. Thank you for putting up with us! Tip: Wear clothes that are breathable. You sweat a lot!
Ewa Belle
Took 10 boys here for a birthday party for our 12 year old. It was AMAZING!! Love how the leader kept mixing it up with new challenges and games. Nice to have the Wii, foosball and ping pong available in the lounge area as well. Definitely coming back. Thanks Battle Archery staff!
Karen Gauvreau
I took my Scout Troop to battle archery and they had an amazing time. I have taken them to Laser tag, rock climbing and more but they said this was the best activity they have done. Even myself and my other leaders had a blast as we all played. The team there is fantastic they were helpful in explaining everything and monitoring the games. We are definitely going back.
Steve Hartman 'Scouts Canada'


Looking for epic kids birthday party ideas near Hamilton? Located in the GTA at heart of the city at 8052 Torbram Rd, Brampton, our battle arena features castle walls, medieval obstacles, catapults and more! Give us a call to learn more about Battle Archery today.

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