Being a parent is hard work. You just want to see your kids smile and enjoy themselves, especially during birthday parties. The Greater Toronto Area has all your typical choices: arcades, bowling alleys, skating rinks. Mississauga has the same! But those are tired, old options that have seen your kid’s birthday parties several times in a row. You want something new. Something exciting. We’ve got you covered. 


Take your party to the next level with Nerf Wars! 


That’s right, this cool new take on all your childhood favorites is waiting for you child’s next birthday party! Remember how much fun you had smashing your pals in laser tag games? What about squirt gun wars? Did you defend your tree house like it was a medieval fort? We all did them and they were a blast. But that kind of childhood warfare has come and gone–or has it? 


The next step in childhood warfare is Nerf! Harmless darts and arrows give kids a great way to get some extra energy out, communicate strategies with friends, and overthrow their own tyrannical warlords. Battle Archery and Nerf Battles are completely safe, so no worries about kids getting scraped up. Though the losing side may have bruised egos! But that’s alright. The cake will clear that right up! 


Better still, Nerf Battles let parents join in the fun. There’s no reason to sit on the sidelines during birthday parties when you can hop into the skirmish! For safety purposes, Nerf Wars and Battle Archery do have a minimum age of – years old, but there’s no age limit! If Grandma wants to tag in, she’s welcome to grab a gun or a bow and take command of her own fleet! Take some time off from being a parent and let loose with your kids. They’re only young once and memories like your kids conquering your team last a lifetime. And give your kids a great bragging point.



At Battle Archery, we encourage everyone to play. Variety is the spice of life and let’s be honest: when is the last time you had free rein to go wild? That’s right, it really has been that long–and we’re not okay with that! This is the kind of fun that brings families together. And you won’t find many birthday party venues near the GTA that encourage Dad to practice his sniping! Or for Mom to nail him from behind. So many parties find the parents casually talking with other parents, away from the kids and just trying to wait out the party. Here? We want you to engage, to play, and to enjoy the havoc of kids playing “Guard the Castle”. 


And what a castle we have! Our facility is over 12,000 sq ft near the Greater Toronto Area. Complete with a lifted area to guard, winding mazes of blocks and stockades to hide behind, and all the sneaking fun you can imagine, Battle Archery is crafted to create a new experience every time you come. And don’t worry about losing anyone: we have referees on the field at all times to ensure safety goggles are on and everybody is having a great time! 


When you decide to book your birthday party with us, we provide all equipment. That includes guns, Nerf weapons, and safety wear. The fun isn’t over when you run out of ammunition. Simply return for more, load up, and get back to doing what you do best: showing your kids that you have plenty of pep left in your step (or losing dramatically to keep the birthday kid’s spirits high. We won’t tell if you won’t). 


That’s right. You’re booking time on our floor and the use of our weapons. No ammo limits allowed! You’ll get a guided tour, a full explanation of how to use your new arms, and plenty of time to practice. Then it’s out to the scrimmage floor where you’ll tackle all the creations of your kids, their friends, and your own parent teams. Are you ready for a party? Because you’re about to have one! 


Best of all, Nerf Wars and Battle Archery are perfect for any age. Yes, surly teenagers included. Have a 10 year old who’s really into Nerf? You can be sure that your 17 year old will want to wipe the floor with their younger sibling. They’ll join up to do it, too and be shocked when they lose (or crow when they win). That keeps teens involved, parents engaged, and kids having the time of their life. What could be better? 


When faced with the question “Where do I celebrate my kid’s birthday party in Toronto?”, we hope you’ll take a look at the area near the GTA and find us waiting for you. There’s no one else near the Greater Toronto Area that lets you put on a show like we do. We’re new, we’re bold, and we’re ready to help you make your kid’s next birthday party the best they’ve ever had! 


Want to take a look around before you book? We’re just a short trip from the Greater Toronto Area or Mississauga, located in Brampton. We’re glad to give you a tour during our business hours or allow you to book a game yourself! Come any time and experience the heart-pumping fun that Battle Archery can give your kid’s next birthday party! See you soon!