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Hosting a kid’s birthday party in 2020 has never been more difficult. The options are nearly unlimited with parents trying to one-up each other left and right. So what do you do when facing an insane amount of options? Well you go to the source. Your child’s birthday wishes. One of the most popular birthday options we have these days are kids Nerf birthday parties.

kids birthday party costs and statistics for 2019

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Most young kids and even many adults are obsessed about Nerf guns, and transforming this into a birthday opportunity is a dream come true. Not to mention, one of the most talked-about birthday parties you can host for your child. Where do you start when it comes to booking a party or hosting your own? Well you’ve come to the right place this is Battle archery’s guide on how to plan a Nerf birthday party at home or at a venue.

” A Nerf Battle Birthday party is a dream come true for many kids! “

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  • Finding a venue
  • Picking up the Nerf equipment
  • Obstacles and targets
  • Game modes
  • Party invitations
  • Food and decorations
nerf arena
nerf venue for kids birthday party

Step one: Finding a Venue

When picking a venue for your Nerf wars birthday party you have to think of basically two options. Either you choose to host the party at your own house or even a community gym of some sorts. Or you choose to go to a dedicated Nerf wars facility to host the birthday party. There are pros and cons to both of these options. Choosing to host the party at your own house or a community place will mean that you will save some money on the venue but you might be sacrificing things like gun diversity, space, and a dedicated field with obstacles and Nerf equipment. Nerf venues like battle archery’s Nerf zone specializes in birthday parties and have things like mini catapults, mini towers, ramps, castle walls, and obstacles to hide behind. They also have gun diversity with over 300 blasters. Without a doubt hosting the party at a venue increases the overall quality of the party. This quality comes with a cost, as with most things in life, but the alternative is not a bad option in and of itself. To save some money, approaching the party as a do-it-yourself is definitely an option, and if done correctly can be pulled off magnificently. Let’s face it, not everyone can afford to go to a birthday party venue for their kids party.

battle archery nerf arena obstacles
battle archery nerf arena castle tower

Step Two: Picking up the Nerf Equipment

Well there’s definitely a few things you must have if you plan a Nerf birthday party even if you’re hosting it yourself from home. Nerf wars necessities include Nerf gun blasters and Nerf ammo. If that’s not confusing enough Nerf ammo comes in different shapes and sizes. You’ve got Nerf N-Strike elite darts, Nerf mega Darts, Nerf waffle tip darts, Nerf zombie strike darts and Nerf accustrike darts. Not to mention some darts come in different colors and different head shapes. You will definitely need some sort of eye equipment, the most common being safety glasses or some sort of goggles. If you want to step it up even more, you’ll want to provide some sort of pinnies or vests for the kids 2 teams, and pockets to be able to store darts. Take a look at battle archery’s Nerf zone vests. 

nerf mega darts pack of 10
mix of nerf ammo

As you can see if you already don’t have a Base armory of the Nerf gun blasters, buying a bunch of blasters for all the kids is going to be a huge investment. If you want to be as frugal as possible you have to make sure that there is at least one Nerf gun blaster per child. If you can swing it, you want to at least have two different blasters per kid so that they don’t get bored as quickly with using the same gun. Battle archery and other Nerf gun venues make it easy for you to see which guns you should purchase for your party, because they’ve done a lot of trial and error when purchasing Nerf guns. So you can be pretty sure that the guns they use have been tested with kids over a long period of time. These guns are most likely to be the ones that can take a lot of damage and still produce good results. I definitely recommend the Nerf strongarm blaster as a good sidearm as well as the Nerf hammershot. For a main weapon you want to look at something a little more powerful and with a larger capacity. You’d be looking at something like the Nerf megalodon that uses Nerf mega Darts. In the end the Nerf gun diversity is up to you. Most parents that will host the party at their own house will already have a good selection of Nerf guns that they have bought for their kid over the years.

” Battle Archery recommends the Nerf Mega DoubleBreach and the Nerf N-Strike Disruptor! “

nerf zone disruptor blaster

Step Three: Obstacles shooting targets and different game modes

If you’re hosting the Nerf birthday party at your own place you’re going to have to supply more than just the guns and ammunition and equipment. You’re going to need to create a obstacle field that includes targets, places to hide behind and space to run around. Here are some pictures of targets that you can use. These include cardboard boxes that you paint so that they look better than just regular cardboard boxes. Examples of targets and blow up bunkers, and the list goes on. You will also need to have different game modes for the kids to run. The most popular game modes include games like zombie run, capture the flag team versus team, elimination, virus, squad battles and free for all. Most of these games are self-explanatory but here’s a rundown of the the most popular 2.

nerf diy obstacles
nerf DIY targets

” Game modes can make or break your birthday party, so make sure you prepare them well in advance! “

  • Zombie run: You choose a select amount of players to be the zombies. This can be just one zombie or multiple zombies, because they will be walking with their hands outstretched trying to chase down the players that are called the survivors. If the survivors shoot a zombie the zombie has to go back to their respond point, which can be anywhere near one side of the field. If one of the zombies gets to touch one of the survivors, the survivor will have to put their gun in a safe spot and go back to the spawn point and turn into a zombie. The game ends when there is only one survivor left and that is crowned the winner.
  • Squad battles: make every kid team up in pairs or in threes. The goal of this game is to have one last team standing and play on the idea of fortnite squad battles. In this game mode if players are hit they take a knee, and must be revived. To revive the player his or her teammate needs to put a hand on their shoulder and count to 10. This will revive the team. If you want the games to continue longer you can put in a new rule where the whole squad needs to get together if they are down and count out loud to 10 to create a full squad revive. Kids really love this and it creates a more continuous battle for them.

” Squad Battles are a kid favorite! “

  • Capture the flag: in this game mode you need to split up the kids into two teams team a and team b. this is where you definitely want to have some sort of pennies or vests to differentiate the teams because the kids will be running around and if you don’t have some sort of distinctive feature on one team they will mix and shoot their own teammates. You need some sort of flag to be captured on both sides of the field. Each team can choose where to hide their flag on their side of the field and it will be up to the other team to both find the flag and retrieve it before the other team. if you are shot in this game mode you either have to wait for a revive or go back to your respond point on your side to continue. a lot of these games including capture-the-flag especially require some sort of referee to keep track of hits or else some of the kids will cheat and it may cause the other kids to feel like the games are unfair and may ruin the vibe of the party. two referees are ideal but in this situation just get one or two parents or yourself to be the referee.

As you can see, creating these games is not that hard but to have many of them requires quite a bit of creativity. Lucky for you just searching on the internet can help you find different game modes, or you can drop by a facility like battle archery Nerf zone and ask one of the staff what kind of game modes they run.

nerf battle kid sniper
kids on bridge shoot adults

Step Four: Party invitations

When hosting a Nerf party for your kid’s birthday party you’re definitely going to need to provide invitations to the party guests a Nerf invitation needs to be colorful and eye-catching which is pretty easy considering nerfs crazy colour schemes. The invitation needs to have a for section so that you can address who the invitation is to. It needs to have a date, time, phone number and an RSVP section. Look at this example of battle archery’s Nerf birthday party invitation below. There are tons and tons of different templates around on the internet that you can draw inspiration from and here are a few that I’ve pulled for you.

nerf zone party invitation

Step Five: Food decorations and the birthday cake

As with all birthday parties you can’t forget the decorations. The Staples of birthday party decorations will be and always have been balloons streamers birthday banners tablecloth and anything else relating to the theme that you are throwing for the party. Don’t forget the colour schemes especially for the balloons. In this case you’re looking at blue and orange for Nerf as well as read for Nerf mega, green for Nerf zombie strike, and yellow for the new Nerf accustrike. When it comes to birthday party food you can’t go wrong with staple foods such as Pizza chips cake and pop. the cake is where some parents go to the next level these are some examples of some crazy cake ideas that are Nerf inspired. Some of these are so crazy, I would never attempt them but some parents can get crazy when it comes to their kids birthday party. I hope you can draw some inspiration from these if making cakes is your thing.

nerf party food and decorations
nerf wars birthday party cake

Well I hope this guide has shown you enough to be ready to plan a Nerf birthday party. Of course there are tons of variations that you can add or subtract from these examples, but I think it’s safe to say that throwing a Nerf party can be very very rewarding, but to really throw a crazy Nerf party can be pretty expensive even when throwing it from the comfort of your own house. So if you think that it’s too much of a hassle to throw your own party, or you don’t want to spend the rest of the year picking up Nerf darts from behind the sofa, maybe choosing a Nerf birthday party venue is the right choice for you. Nerf birthday parties are becoming very popular these days and with that lots of NERF birthday party places are popping up all over. Battle are trees Nerf zone is a cut above the rest. With a dedicated Nerf arena, amazing obstacles, like many towers castles, catapults, turf, and an insane arsenal of medieval foam weapons like swords Shields and Spears, they will the birthday party to the next level. Check out some of the pictures of Nerf zone below. whatever you decide to do in the end, throwing a Nerf birthday party for your child will definitely be a fantastic idea for the your next birthday party. Nerf wars include all the kids and are very interactive as opposed to going to a trampoline or laser tag facility where everybody splits up or is surrounded by tons of strangers since these places try to fit as many people in them as possible. Throwing a Nerf party creates a more personal birthday party and I start a VIP experience for the birthday boy or girl, whether that’s at home or at a Nerf dedicated birthday venue. Remember ladies and gentlemen, it’s Nerf or nothing.

If you ever have any other questions about hosting or planning a kids nerf war birthday party.
Send Battle Archery an email, and I’m sure someone will get back to you with suggestions!