3-Hour Power Play

The 3 hour powerplay is a drop-in session for players that want to play and practice with the medieval combat using foam weapons, shields and bows. This drop-in is for 18+ only. Come alone or with friends for only $20/pp.

nerf training

What to expect at the facility

The powerplay drop in sessions, involve training with the different weapons, bow and arrows, mini tournaments, different game modes and rewards for participation and for different activities.

Nerf/Archery drop-in

All other drop-ins are based on availability and require to make sure there is a drop-in available for the day requested. To drop-in for a session please give our front desk a call to find out when there are open spots.



If you want to reserve the facility for your group privately, we provide the option to do so, based on availability. A full facility rental will make sure that there are no other groups training, playing, or using the party rooms during your booking. Full facility rentals are recommended for large group events, company events or staff parties. There will be an instructor and referee with your group at all times and you will have access to all the game modes, equipment and party rooms.

Full Facility Rental

$75000includes training, game & equipment up to 37 players

Additional Hours



referee with halberd and spears over his shoulder

Team Games

Pick your weapon and team up to take on the other squads. Defending, attacking and scoring. Team games include: trollball, castle defence, attack and defend, and all out brawl.

medieval combat group battle archery


From defenders to attackers, from healers to archers – we give you the tools to craft your own strategies. Different game modes will have you needing to adjust to the terrain as well as to you opponents moves.

referee guiding battle combat

Points & Ranks

By participating in our medieval combat, each player receives certain iron arena cards that can be sold and traded to level up their team. Use them for instant boosts in your games, or collect and deposit them to increase your online rank!


Incredible. Everyone seemed to have a great night. I came in hesitant on how this could be better than laser tag or dodgeball and I was happily surprised. Will go back, will bring friends.
Adam Sergison
If you’re looking for a place to shoot your annoying friend in the head with an arrow, keep reading! First time I went to this place I had a really good time, in a matter of a few weeks they constructed the arena with AMAZING obstacles and brand new game plays, and they are continueing to evolve. Really CHEAP compared to other archery tags and one of the most amazing employees. They provided table tennis, fuseball, super smash brothers and other games to just chill! Can’t wait to go again.
Sagar Patel
Amazing place! Great competitive atmosphere. Our referee/instructor was very friendly and did a great job managing all of our personalities. smile emoticon He was super smiling and genuine the entire time. Thank you for putting up with us! Tip: Wear clothes that are breathable. You sweat a lot!
Ewa Belle
Took 10 boys here for a birthday party for our 12 year old. It was AMAZING!! Love how the leader kept mixing it up with new challenges and games. Nice to have the Wii, foosball and ping pong available in the lounge area as well. Definitely coming back. Thanks Battle Archery staff!
Karen Gauvreau
I took my Scout Troop to battle archery and they had an amazing time. I have taken them to Laser tag, rock climbing and more but they said this was the best activity they have done. Even myself and my other leaders had a blast as we all played. The team there is fantastic they were helpful in explaining everything and monitoring the games. We are definitely going back.
Steve Hartman 'Scouts Canada'