How has Covid19 affected Battle Archery and Nerf?

The Year is 2020, businesses have been forced to close, everyone’s panicking, people are buying up all the detached holmes – There’s no toilet paper left in stores! Cue August and we’re now in stage 3 of re-opening.

Why should I come to Battle Archery and Nerf doing during stage 3?

Battle Archery had a very unique event style even pre-covid that works really well now during post-covid time. Private parties. All parties and events with a minimum number of players are booked as a private event. Your session is just for your and your guests, so you don’t end up playing with walk-ins and randoms. You have a private referee and instructor assigned to your group – this referee and instructor’s job is to make sure everything runs smoothly – think of him/her as your party planner as well. From setting you up with your gear, showing you the ropes during training, and then finally by organizing teams and game modes that suit your group for maximum fun! Following your gameplay you get access to a private party room that’s been cleaned and disinfected earlier – once again, a private space for you to set up however you want and where you’ll know that no one else gets access throughout your booking. The private party aspect is what separates Battle Archery from most other entertainment venues and it’s why our customers come back again and again for all their events.

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What’s our policy for masks and people in the common areas?

Our policy requests that all customers that are hanging out or moving through the common areas (front, hallways, washrooms) wear a mask. Once you are either in the training area, the gameplay arena, or in your private party room you are allowed to remove your masks as this area is privately reserved for your group only. Once again because your event is a private set up you get full control over how you want it.

What is Battle Archery doing for cleanliness and disinfection?

We’re doing our best to keep the facility as clean as possible. In between parties we make sure that the whole room gets disinfected. From cleaning the floors to washing and wiping down the tables and chairs, we make sure that every surface gets cleaned and disinfected.

For the actual training and gameplay equipment, we make sure that all equipment is cleaned, wiped, and disinfected, in between uses. We provide extra disinfecting wipes as well for anyone wanting to do an extra level of cleaning.

Finally, we at Battle Archery and Nerf are doing our best to make sure you feel safe and sound coming in to enjoy an awesome fun party with us. Covid19 has been hard on all local businesses and we look forward to your support to help us get through this and at the same