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If you love Nerf, there really is no better place to throw your birthday party than here at Battle Archery. With over 300 Nerf blasters and more than 20 different guns including: Rival, Mega, and N-Strike Elite – You won’t be bored!  The huge selection of Nerf @ Battle Archery is unparalleled! With tons of different game modes and an amazing arena full of towers, obstacles, castles and more, you’ll love every second of it. Mix in Battle Archery’s signature foam medieval shields, swords, and axes, and you’re all set to hit the battlefield! Our game masters have experience dealing with all age groups and have games suited to everyone’s unique style.

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The O.G. activity @ Battle Archery. Grab a bow and let one of our trained instructors give you the step by step to mastering our bows. Battle Archery has different types of bows to choose from, but our starter bow is definitely a true star. You’ll be firing off arrows in no-time. After hitting all the targets, it’s time to try a little bit of sword fighting. Don’t worry, if you get hooked, you can come back for our LARP sessions. After the training, our game master takes over and guides you through some epic team games that will definitely rock your socks!

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LARP: Medieval Combat

Throw the most unique birthday party ever! L.A.R.P. is Battle Archery’s unique experience offering an interesting mix of medieval weapons and role-playing style fun. Start off by a quick introduction to the world of L.A.R.P., learn about the different shields, helmets, and weapons. Then get ready to gear up by choosing your kit. Awesome exhilarating  fights and filled with strategy. Choose swords, spears, healers, archers, attackers or defenders. Try everything and compete with your team!


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Invite Everyone!

Swing some axes, hit a shield, unleash some arrows, or grab a Nerf blaster and hop into the arena. Grab an awesome birthday party room for the food and video games after! Everyone will be talking about this kids birthday party for weeks. Battle Archery and Nerf Battles are rated the #1 best of fun things to do in Brampton on TripAdvisor for a reason – check it out: Brampton’s #1 fun things to do. Ask us about our pizza deals or customize the catering yourself with minimal restrictions! Food and drinks must be consumed within the party room. Bring your iPod or mp3 to play music! Awesome birthday experience! After all, a birthday party should be a moment of pleasure and not a moment of boredom.

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Birthday Age Limits!

When you book a Private Birthday Party at Battle Archery, there is a lower age limit. Remember, this only applies to Private Kids Birthday Parties. Since it’s all friends and family when you reserve a private party, there’s no problem with bringing a younger crowd! For Nerf bookings the youngest is 6 years, but archery is reserved for the older crowds! Private parties include training, game play with a private game host and the party room with video games! All equipment is included, and there is an instructor and game master with the group at all times!

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Fun Things to Do!

Come enjoy a slice of medieval fun by playing Battle Archery, Nerf Wars, or LARP: The real-life adventure board game! The medieval settings feature obstacles, buildings, towers, castles, catapults, bridges, and more. An epic fun experience like no other! You’re sure to have one of the most memorable birthday parties here. Check out our birthday party video above. One of the top rated locations for fun things to do in Brampton and the whole greater Toronto area! More space, more obstacles, more fun only @ Battle Archery, make sure to reserve a time for your next event!


Nerf Wars Birthday Party Breakdown

Battle Archery’s Nerf Wars birthday parties are a blast! Our Nerf battles include many different kind of game modes. Some of these games are Fortnite themed, the Floor is Lava, Capture the Flag, Team Capture, Red vs Blue, Zombies, and more! There’s enough game modes to keep everyone busy. The day starts off with everyone signing in at the front desk. Usually waivers will be filled our prior to arrival – these can be done online on the Battle Archery website (bottom right corner). After everyone is signed in, your referee and instructor will take the birthday group for training in our range where we store all our guns, blasters, foam swords, shields, axes, and bows.

You will get a quick debrief based on the age group – if necessary the instructor will show how to use the guns, where to collect ammo, and provide the safety goggles and military Nerf vests and ammo pouches. You get to try out the different blasters and choose their favorites. Training is half an hour, and then the birthday group is taken unto the arena for the hour of game play that includes tons of different game modes! The referee awards the birthday boy or girl a free play for future visits.

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Battle Archery Party

Battle Archery Birthday Party Breakdown

Battle Archery’s main game – Archery Tag birthday parties are a blast! Our Archery battles have some very exciting game modes that can only be done while playing with the bows and arrows! Some of these games are: Fortnite, Capture the Flag, Team Capture, Red vs Blue, Zombies, and more! There are a few special games only for Battle Archery, and most of the games that are similar to our Nerf Wars games include special rules such as trick-shots, pan shots to bring team members back to life, and arrow catches just like in dodge ball.  Everyone needs to sign their waivers at the front desk if they haven’t already done them online.

Once everyone is signed in, your referee and instructor will take the birthday group for training in our range where we store all our guns, blasters, foam swords, shields, axes, and bows. The instructor will show you how to use the bows for a few minutes, having everyone follow their example, after you are given arrows and line up in the different booths to practice in the target practice arena. You have an option to upgrade to a slightly stronger and bigger bow, but this option is only available to private adult birthday parties. The whole training takes half an hour after which the birthday group is taken to the arena! Birthday shots may be included for the birthday boy or girl!

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LARP Birthday Party

LARP Birthday Party Breakdown

Battle Archery’s LARP birthday parties are very unique! There’s no real place to try your hand at some medieval combat with safe and fun foam latex weapons. These swords, axes, shields and helmets are very realistic, but also very light and safe. Most of the games for LARP birthdays revolve around team VS team, but with a wide array of weapons, there are also many unique game modes for LARP such as Knights vs Merchants and King’s Court! There’s enough game modes to keep everyone busy. Just like with the other birthday activities, everyone needs to sign in at the front desk. Usually waivers will be filled our prior to arrival – bottom right corner of main website.

Training in our target practice range includes trying all the weapons, fittings, and some sparring practice. This birthday activity also includes archery practice if time permits, so you may be able to get a chance to use both the close combat weapons and the bows and arrows. Training is half an hour, and then the birthday group is taken unto the arena for the hour of game play that includes tons of different game modes! Make sure to get the referee to take a group picture for your birthday group at the end. If it’s a kids birthday party, you can even get all the parents in on it!


Need invitations? We’ve got you covered! Download our pre-made colour invitations so you can print out at home.

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Looking for fun things to do?! Double up on game time for an awesome deal!

Battle Archery is rated as the #1 fun things to do in Brampton, and definitely the best archery tag arena in Canada. If you want to take your party to the next level you’ll need to book an extra hour of game time to be able to play a full hour of archery followed by a full hour of nerf! Most people think 1-hour flies by way too fast anyway! Double up on the fun for a discounted second hour!


Looking for fun things to do? Want to spice up your next party?  Celebrate your birthday with us and your friends by treating yourselves to an action-packed, thrilling and fun day of Battle Archery.  At Battle Archery, we offer several exclusive birthday packages for you to choose from! On top of our amazing base packages, you can also choose to add more to your reservation! Contact us for a quote to make your party really stand out! To receive a quote for different packages, please use our contact form to message us the date of the event, how many people you are expecting and any other requests.  You can always contact us to make further arrangements if necessary at [email protected]

We can also arrange and supervise a Battle Archery Birthday Tournament. With varying group sizes we can do various different miniature tournaments which are very fun and offer a quick (and sometimes needed) breather in between matches. All games are fully supervised by our trained coaches and staff to insure safety and fun. Check out our FAQ section for more information.