We all know that planning and coming up with a birthday party puts a lot of stress on parents, because it requires creativity. There’s so many party places that have been overdone over the last decade, that it’s time for something new! Children have a limited attention span, so it’s crucial that the activity is fun enough to keep the kids stimulated throughout its entirety. This can prove to be quite a challenge because as kids attention and enthusiasm drops, so does their willingness to cooperate, and we’ve all been there before!

Nerf wars, battle archery, speedball and larp

Keeping track of all these issues, variables and more can be tough! We at Battle Archery know this and are glad to offer a brand new experience! Battle Archery creates brand new experiences by twisting classic games into something you’ve never seen before. Come enjoy a slice of medieval life by playing Battle Archery, Nerf Wars, or LARP: The real-life adventure board game! Swing some axes, hit a shield, unleash some arrows, or grab a Nerf blaster and hop into the arena. The medieval settings feature obstacles, buildings, towers, castles, catapults, bridges, and more. An epic fun experience like no other!

There is no doubt that Battle Archery offers something really unique. From the moment you walk in, you feel like you are in a medieval castle. The Nerf Wars experience is fantastic for kids under 12 years old. The Archery is something that older kids and adults will have a blast doing, it’s very similar to paintball, except that it does not hurt, bruise or leave paint marks! The LARP: Real-life adventure board game is a brand new experience never done before! Choose your foam gear (helmet, weapons, and shields), and join a session of rolling dice, playing mini games, and solving scenarios to advance your token through the game! You’ll even learn the basics of medieval combat, and some medieval history!

Battle Archery unique medieval playing field archery tag and nerf battles. Castles, bridges, turrets, towers and obstacles!

A birthday party is not supposed to be a moment of boredom, it’s meant to be exciting, fun, and talked about for a few days afterwards! Whether you are bringing friends, family, or your sports team, the experience will have everyone laughing and talking about it until you come back again!