An Archers Festivities – Birthday Parties and Corporate Events

 From Robin Hood and his Merry Men, to the Elven Archers of Rivendell, even the Mounted Archers of the Mongolian Empire, Bands of Archers were known to strike fear into the hearts of warriors and change the tides of battle just from their appearance on the battlefield.
 But, what many do not know is that above their skill at taking down targets at a long range, archers have always been the most rambunctious and fun-loving members of any party –  I mean why else do you think Robin Hood’s men were so Merry?
Here at Battle Archery, we carry on the archers tradition of festivities and games by offering Birthday Parties and Corporate Events!
 With no age cap on private Birthday Parties here at Battle Archery, archers can wage war upon family members and friends before retiring to our Party Room to indulge in the food and drink of the Birthday Parties. This option provides a great atmosphere for everyone to serenade the Birthday Person with gifts and reminisce about the arrows that completely obliterated their foes.
 You could however, take your love of archery and festivities to the next level by booking a Corporate Event for your co-workers and team! Booking a Corporate Event here at Battle Archery comes in three different packages –  Basic, Greater, and  Ultimate each with its own variance of time played and and different styling modes choosing between Classic and Tournament style game modes. The beauty behind the Corporate Event package, is that we CATER TO YOU!! Battle Archery works for anyone, and let me tell you – don’t be scared of the cardio involved. Choose to safely camp the back lanes and hail arrows across the field or choose to rush the front lines where with great risk comes great reward!
 So whether it’s your 11th Birthday Party or your booking your companies greatest Corporate Event ever, Battle Archery is the only Combat Archery Facility in the GTA that can cater to all your needs; making sure your guests had a great time re-living life on a Medieval Battlefield and singing songs of laughter and joy recalling the feats they performed on the sacred battle grounds.
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