What can you combo for battle archery parties?

Archery Tag and Nerf Wars

Combo-ing both Archery Tag and Nerf Wars is not an issue for adult parties, as all activities can be played, but if you’re doing a kids birthday party, you need to be aware of the age limits for combos. Normally Archery Tag is for 13+ when dealing with public sessions, but when you have a private party at Battle Archery, you can combo in Archery Tag for age groups of 10 and higher.

A combo party involving both Archery Tag and Nerf Wars will let the players try both activities and decide which one they want to focus on. Choosing to do 50-50 works as well. It involves doing a mini archery instruction portion with your private instructor, followed by choosing your nerf guns and getting geared up. After running your nerf games (capture the flag, team elimination, free for all), the group will switch out to archery to complete the rest of the game play time.

Archery Tag and Medieval Combat

Combo-ing Medieval Combat and Archery Tag takes the game to another level! You’re looking at training with 9 foot spears, halberds, shields and swords on top of Archery Instructions! This takes us to full epic medieval war on a medieval battlefield. Birthdays and parties are super epic when running archery and medieval combat. Different game modes involve tournament plays of 4 teams facing off against each other at the same time, massive one side vs another, as well as knights and merchants, healers and more! This combo is an adult favorite, as medieval combat is restricted to ages 16 and up, sometimes we allow for younger groups to try it out. This combo allows for your squads to strategize and decide how many ranged fighters you want on your team vs melee fighters. How many spear-men vs swordsmen etc.

Nerf Wars and Medieval Combat

Combo-ing Nerf Wars and Medieval Combat allows for new strategies for different game modes. Adding medieval combat to Nerf parties, unlocks shields and swords. You have the option of using a primary large nerf blasters (requires two hands), using a shield and nerf blaster (smaller one handed side arm), or going full melee with sword and shield. The shield and blaster team mates will be your defenders that you can hide behind and advance on the enemy team. Two handed blasters offer more fire power and rate of fire, which can take out a shield user quickly if hit from an angle. For our young age group parties, we can combo in shields, but to bring in our very large shields and foam swords, we require the age group to be at least above 13 years old.

Book your next party or event

When booking your next party or event at Battle Archery, talk to our front desk and let them know if you’d like to combo activities for your next event. If you have any questions, give us a call (905-458-2285) or send an email from our contact form!