You’ve heard the whispers and you’ve seen the pictures. You’re curious, but you aren’t sure exactly what this is. You want to know? We’re here to help you. Battle Archery is proud to present Nerf Wars!


What is Nerf War and how do I play? 


Nerf War or Nerf Battle is the next step in innocent, fun war games for everyone to enjoy. It involves the use of soft foam projectiles that, when used properly, encourage a fast-paced atmosphere to blow off some steam and have a great time. 


You’ll start out with a tour of our facilities, including our 12,000 sq ft arena. A referee will walk you through the care of your Nerf weapon, reloading, and firing. They’ll talk you through the rules of the battleground, explain how to identify friendlies and enemies, and then set you loose to have a ball! 


…Or an arrow. Remember, we’re Battle Archery! We have pellets, darts, arrows, and so much more. We’re the only Nerf Wars arena in the Greater Toronto Area with so much variety!


This is just for kids, right? 


When we say everyone we mean everyone! Though the minimum age for the arena is 6 years old (7 years old for non-party reservations), we welcome everyone else! In fact, we have countless events that are adults-only every year. It’s a perfect way to build better communication in teams within your workplace, blow off a little steam, or simply have some fun together. 


And Battle Archery is happy to configure and contribute to LARP groups. Need to act out a battle? Crown a new knight? Work toward something for the SCA or a related group? We’ve got you covered. Just let us know what you need and we can help put it together for you. Our battlefield is 100% customizable. Though we ask that you don’t bring in outside weapons, we can make our weapons work for what you need! 


I can host a party at Battle Archery? 


Absolutely! Our party room serves everyone from Oakville to Toronto and back again! Though we recommend a reservation so you’re certain to get the party room usage, we also provide free invitations for those who reserve a party. Simply click, print, and fill out your invitations. Then you’re ready to have a great time here at Battle Archery. 


Birthday parties are our speciality, but we can help with other sorts of celebrations, too! Whether you’re hosting your wedding reception on the Nerf War battlefield or you’re looking for a new way to celebrate a business milestone, we have just what you’re looking for. 


If you’d like more information, feel free to reach out to us at any time during normal business hours, seen (here). We’re happy to discuss what we can do for you. Come out to Battle Archery, have a tour, and tell us what you’re looking for while you book your package today! 


I’m a little concerned about safety. 


And so are we. We know that you want to have fun, but you want to stay safe, too. That’s why our referees are always on the floor and waiting to help a fallen battle buddy, retrieve a lost Nerf gun, or help someone get reloaded. If you need help or if there’s a problem, they’re right there and ready to jump in. 


Remember, our referees have the final say in everything while the arena is active. They may ask you to switch out a weapon if it is misfiring or ask everyone to clear off the field if someone slips. They’re in there to make sure you make the most of your time in our arena and that all players stay safe. 


How do I contact Battle Archery? 


Our contact us link has everything you need to contact us regarding reservations or further information. However, if you’d rather visit, you can simply show up during any business hours and we’ll be happy to answer your questions! If the arena isn’t active, we may be able to schedule a tour at the same time, too. However, if you are interested in that, it’s best that you call ahead of time. Our reservations list isn’t published on the site and we want to be sure to serve you as best we can!


How far is Battle Archery from Oakville? 


Battle Archery is located about 25 minutes from Oakville, depending on traffic. We recommend arriving half an hour before your scheduled reservation time to assure you’re here and that you have plenty of time to go over the rules, regulations, and how your new Nerf War weapon works. 


This is driving time. If you intend to take public transportation or a ride-share, please plan accordingly. We recommend using Google Maps to get an average transportation time based on your specific transportation from Oakville to Battle Archery. See you soon!