Battle Archery is ready to go, grab a friend or two and book online for access to the best archery tag in the GTA. Our facility boasts multiple points of why you should be coming here.

  • Twice the size of other archery tag locations,
  • an actual lobby and sitting area,
  • the newest bows and arrow prototypes for easier and more accurate shooting,
  • new game modes,
  • real archery
  • and a fun and knowledgeable staff.

What more could you want? Come down to 8052 Torbram road, on the corner of Torbram and Steele’s.

What is Archery Tag? Imagine dodge-ball, paintball and archery all rolled into one! Get your sweat on as you dodge duck dive and shoot people with foam tipped arrows. Definitely one of the funnest things you’ll do all year!

If you’ve been to one of the other archery tags: Archery Game, Archery District etc. then you should still come out and compare since this will be a whole new experience both in atmosphere, size and fun! Don’t forget you can also try your hand at real archery, which isn’t offered anywhere else due to space limitation.