Battle Archery and the Archery Force
History is littered with accounts of great warriors who used archery as a form of war. So skilled were these warriors, that their empires spanned great geographical size. From Hungary, Attila the Hun led his vast armies out in all directions, forging a vast empire from the Rhine to the Caspian Sea. The Mongols are possibly the most famous archers in history. In 1208AD Genghis Khan led his hoard out from the plains of Mongolia, forging a large and bloody empire. The Mongols were expert horsemen who could stand high in the stirrups and thus shoot arrows in all directions.
It’s no surprise that blockbuster hits like Lord of The Rings are obliged to incorporate archery into their action scenes. From Legolas the elf archer to The Arrow, each shows the importance of their skills when employed during war. Not cool enough? What about ‘The Avengers’ Hawk Eye, the greatest archer among all the marvel heroes?

The Battle archery difference
Battle archery looks to spread this skill to everyone and create the very best of the foam arrow archers squad 🙂 This is why we have a massive arena to hone your archery skills. The 11,000sq foot facility is very spacious with a 22 foot high ceiling and 8,000 sq foot field. Together they form the perfect area to polish your skills to perfection!
The atmosphere at Battle Archery in unparalleled. The atmoshpere is electric. Players feel like they are actually in combat during the medieval times. The theme concentrates on the medieval style, and Battle Archery is constantly improving, from field setup, to decorations, to game modes. Play modes like: Longbowman, King’s Court, Castle Wars, Every man for himself, Medic, Virus and more!

The archery equipment
The type of arrow point defines its function. An arrow can be fitted with a variety of points designed for specific tasks. The foam tipped arrows are an innovative non-lethal designed arrow that allows anybody to shoot virtually anyone. Whereas they are not as aerodynamic as your standard hunting arrow with a sharp tip, they are ideal for archery tag and are safe. This means that people can enjoy the fun without having to worry about the potential bruises and mess accompanied with games like paintball, not to mention the danger of getting pierced by a real arrow. The type of bow most commonly used is called a recurve bow. If you buy your own, you can customize it with many things including: a sight, for lining up the arrow to the target, and stabilizers, which are carbon rods that protrude forwards from the bow and are weighted to stabilize the bow when shooting.
However, at Battle Archery you do not have to worry about dragging along your own equipment. The per person fee covers everything. Each person will receive a paintball certified mask, an arm-guard, a bow and arrows. Our bows are sturdy but simple ensuring that everyone can use them regardless of previous experience.

The function of archery in the world today
Sharpens the mind: The focus and mental clarity needed for archery will boost your ability to concentrate, be that in school or in any other sport.
Tones the upper body: Repeatedly lifting the bow and drawing the string strengthens the muscles in your arms and shoulders.
Strengthens the back: The majority of the work in archery is done by the scapula muscles in your back, which take the strain when you draw the bow string. (Become able to do pull ups magically)

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