Archery – Ancient Relic, Modern Glory

The pursuit of the Prey. The excitement of the chase. The thrill of the Hunt. All of these phrases can be

used to describe one of humanity’s oldest truths… Hunt or be hunted.

Dating back more than 64,000 years, the creation of archery has held an important role in the history of

the world. Arising from the need to find more practical methods of hunting for food (rather than getting

up close and personal), ancient people, using their common everyday tools were able to create the first

bow and arrows to fell beasts and creatures from a distance.


Long before the Middle Ages had even begun the use of bows and arrows had expanded to every

continent around the world, with each civilization characterizing the tool to their own specific needs; in

sporting, during hunting and inevitably for war, the bow had become as common as a sword and spear

and can easily be considered one of the most important tools of civilization.


Fast forward to the 21st century and the use of the bow and arrow has vastly diminished from the time

of our ancestors; now used mostly for bow hunting or international competition archery, the heart-

pounding adrenaline rush of eliminating an enemy target with deadly precision and mastery of the bow

has been lost…


Until now!


Battle Archery is the only Combat Archery Arena that warps you the player back to an age where Kings

ruled countries, Castles stood tall, and Archers reigned supreme. Housing castles, barricades and towers

archers can take solace in eliminating enemies all while staying safely covered; or rush down your

enemies opting for mobility and finesse. Whatever the case may be, Battle Archery is the only place

where the dreams of archers long past, can become the glory of archers soon to come. Book now!