Adult Birthday Party

Parties and Events at Battle Archery are epic! The largest archery and Nerf arena in the GTA, the most game modes, and the best selection of gear. You’ve come to the right place for your next private party.

Adult birthdays have the option of booking the Midnight Murder Escape Room, which is only bookable at night, from 9PM until Midnight (based on availability). The escape adventure has a maximum duration of 1 HR and is played in the dark. The only Escape adventure in Canada!

For all other times, Adult battle parties have the option to mix in all 3 activities for an epic event.

Options to mix into an Adult Birthday Party (Battle):

  • Mix in all the weapons from the Armory – swords, shields, spears, halberds, and axes!
  • Our signature catapults – pull back and fire our safe foam dodge-balls and wreak havoc on the other team!
  • Mix in Archery Tag bows and arrows for a full scale medieval war on the medieval arena!
  • Mix in Nerf Blasters for a more casual squad game.

Adult Battle Party

Medieval Battle Archery War

Battle Archery Medieval Combat

Battle Archery Adult Teambuilding


For adult birthday parties you can choose to have everyone pay for themselves. This will require you to pay a two person deposit ($50 which covers two players) to reserve the space as a private event. You will need to make sure that 10 players are paid for, even if you have less. If you do not want a private session you have two options. One, you can book it as an open session and other players can book into it. Or two, you call ahead for the Drop in session, where you play in a tournament mode with other regular players.

We offer deals and customization to your parties. We will work with you to make this party a success. Make sure to fill out the form below if you have any questions or special requests and we will see what we can do!

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