The Fun is real at Battle Archery!

The atmosphere is unmatched at Battle Archery, from price to experience, we beat out the competition.  Whatever your reason to celebrate, be it a special event, birthday party, hanging out with friends or a bachelor/bachelorette party make sure you schedule a private party with us.

With the archery tag fad exploding around the GTA, you’re constantly bombarded with ads from different locations and how you should book with them. So why choose us over the rest?

Caters to Everyone

There’s many places you can go these days for birthday parties. People choose laser tag, paintball, airsoft, bowling and other fun activities but most of these have already been done over and over! Laser tag and bowling got boring, paintball and airsoft really hurt and can cause a mess. Battle Archery takes the best of both worlds and provides super fun, an adrenaline rush, with no pain and no mess!  Battle Archery has the right equipment for the right group. Our basic bows are very easy to use for first-time archers and are kid friendly as well! Our instructors can train young children as low as 6 years old (mask has to fit though!). These bows are great for both kids and adults, but if you’re looking for something a little stronger you also have the option to upgrade to our 60 inch bows that pack more power! The instructors are specialized in training first-time archers so don’t think you need to be a pro – in fact sometimes pros are at a disadvantage because you definitely need to adjust your technique to running with a bow!


You know what’s crazy? When competitors that have worse locations and small fields charge you over 20$ for basic admission. Highway Robbery! It’s no surprise that our customers who have visited the other locations are in awe of the value that Battle Archery provides. Our motto here is to make sure that you have a great time for a great price, because we believe in creating returning customers – not one time cash cows! Check out our prices here.


We’re located right by the Pearson airport at 8052 Torbram Road! Right on the border of Mississauga and Toronto. Steeles and Torbram is the main intersection and we’re highly visible – just look for the neon green signs!

Contact us today for more information about scheduling, catering, and other services we can provide. Battle Archery.