Blogger Janie Robles writes about her experience at Battle Archery comparing it to her previous experience at Archery District. It’s no surprise that Battle Archery provides more value, more fun, and a better atmosphere, because we care about your experience more than just making a few bucks. Link to blog is posted at the bottom of the article.


This set-up is way better than Toronto Archery, the first place I went to.  I think I paid either $30 or $40 for it and they didn’t even have a place for us to sit.  It was so cramped.  Granted, this was in February this year, so who knows, by now, maybe they have expanded.  I think they were one of the first ones to open.  What I liked about Toronto Archery was Jessica.  She was an awesome referee.  She was even featured on YTV.  Cool, right! Toronto Archery only have those blown up blockage and nothing else, so it was meh.  Maybe they enhanced the place since then, who knows.  I was there on February this year, haven’t been back since.

These personal holes for practicing before the game starts is really helpful.  It’s good to be in a zone, not interrupted by people beside you.  This place has a good set-up, right from the very beginning.

Another bonus that this place has that the other place didn’t is the game area.  While waiting, everyone can play on a game system, some ping pong and foozball table.  They also had deck of cards per table and other random games.  The waiting area is also a lot bigger.  It’s a a great place to have a party, if you do decide to rent the entire place with 24 people in.


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